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Logo Design Express, Our Experts Have Successfully Protected Thousands of Brands Globally

Logo Design Express, Our Experts Have Successfully Protected Thousands of Brands GloballyAs a leading trademark protection services provider, we specialize in securing intellectual property rights for our clients in a variety of jurisdictions, including the US, the UK, the European Union, and around the globe. We recognize the essential necessity of preserving our clients' businesses and offer unique and effective legal solutions to ensure that their trademarks are protected from infringement and misuse.

At Logo Design Express, our highly educated attorneys are well-versed in trademark law and are constantly up to date on the newest advancements in this dynamic subject. This commitment helps us to provide our clients with the finest possible advice and representation. If you need to protect your trademark, you can rely on the knowledge and experience of our Logo Design Express attorneys

US Registration
From $49

Get exclusive rights to file a trademark of names, slogans, or register a logo of your brand.

International Registration

Discuss your requirements with our international trademark consultant

  • Trademark Consultation

  • Trademark Watch Service

  • Trademark Renewal

Our Process for
Trademark Registration

Logo Design Express has methodically created a comprehensive and legally solid trademark registration process. Our approach provides clients with an expedient and effective means of protecting their intellectual property rights. This includes a meticulous evaluation of the trademark's distinctiveness and eligibility for registration, as well as a thorough search of existing trademarks to avoid potential conflicts.

We provide assistance in preparing and filing trademark applications, as well as continuing monitoring services to ensure the protection of registered trademarks. Logo Design Express unwavering commitment to legal compliance and industry standards ensures that clients receive the best possible service and trademark protection.

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    Submit Your Trademark Information

    To initiate your IPO trademark registration process with Logo Design Express, please take a moment to complete a brief questionnaire. This will help us gather all necessary information efficiently. Once completed, you can select your preferred service package and proceed with the payment. Let's get started on securing your trademark protection with Logo Design Express.

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    Thorough Database Search

    To guarantee the uniqueness of your trademark, our team diligently conducts a comprehensive search across multiple databases.

  • 3

    Trademark Filing

    Following a successful evaluation, we will proceed to file your trademark application at the Intellectual Property Office.

  • 10,000+ Businesses Consulted

    We have offered consultancy services to numerous businesses, addressing all their inquiries and instilling trust in their brand protection.

  • 5000+ Trademarks Registered

    Our registered trademark statistics speak volumes. At Nova Trademark, we are delighted to have the most trademarks registered globally.

  • 1500+ Cases in Progress

    We are diligently working with a multitude of businesses to minimize application rejections and maximize the chances of success for their trademark applications.

  • Start Your Filing Process With Just $49

  • You will have exclusive rights to file a trademark of names, slogans, or register a logo of your brand. Protect priceless products and services from your competitors with trademark registration.

Our experts are available around the clock to cater to your trademark registration needs.

At Logo Design Express, our team of professionals is dedicated to providing 24-hour support with all of your trademark registration requirements. We understand the necessity of providing timely and responsive assistance throughout the complex trademark registration procedure.

Trademark Renewal

Obtaining a registered trademark not only safeguards your brand but also equips you with the tools to prevent others from using similar signs and capitalizing on your business's reputation.

Trademark Search

Employing AI tools to explore alternative spellings and more, we ensure that you don't expend time and money on a name that lacks the uniqueness necessary for trademarking.

Trademark Monitoring

To preserve your rights, you must be informed of any unlawful use of your brand. Our trademark monitoring service offers the information you need to properly assert your trademark rights!

Response to Opposition

We help applicants resolve office actions issued by the trademark office, resulting in a smooth trademark registration procedure.

Cease & Desist Letter

Are you facing an infringement or breach of contract? Our Cease & Desist letter is an affordable way to protect your rights and prevent further harm.

Amazon Brand Registry

The Amazon Brand Registry enables brand owners to register their trademarks, thereby safeguarding their intellectual property and increasing their brand presence.

Budget-Friendly Trademark Registration

We Offer Affordability & Efficiency In Trademark Registration & Search Services. We use a proven standardized process to minimize the chances of rejection, saving you time & money.


$49 $78


*Get Your Trademark Registration Serial Number in Just 10 Days!

    • Case Review
    • Case Preparation
    • Case Filing
    • Trademark Alert
    • Trademark Secured
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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$149 $238


*Get Your Trademark Registration Serial Number in Just 3-5 Days!

    • Case Review
    • Case Preparation
    • Case Filing
    • Trademark Alert
    • Trademark Secured
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Trademark Monitoring
    • Complete Documentation
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$249 $398


*Get Your Trademark Registration Serial Number on the Same Day!

    • Case Review
    • Case Preparation
    • Case Filing
    • Trademark Alert
    • Trademark Secured
    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Trademark Monitoring
    • Complete Documentation
    • Dedicated Case Manager
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  • Logo Design Express’s Amazon Brand Registry Service

  • $99

To showcase your ecommerce business and market your brand on Amazon, you must first register your brand. The Amazon Brand Registry, offered by Logo Design Express, is an important safeguard for supporting Amazon sellers in registering their brands and eliminating items that breach their trademark rights. If another seller uses your trademark logo or name to sell items or replicates your listings, Logo Design Express will take action to get them banned.


Top-tier attorneys with extensive expertise in Trademark Industry

Logo Design Express has a skilled staff of graduates from major legal institutions in the United States. With a goal-oriented strategy, we are well-positioned to achieve results in the shortest amount of time. Why not take the first step today and start your trademark journey with us? Take control of your company's most important asset today and forever.

What Our Prestigious Clients Say About Us

usr image Julie Ellison

Logo Design Express is truly exceptional! Their team went above and beyond my expectations, creating a logo that flawlessly represents my brand. They are responsive, communicative, and incredibly talented, making them an invaluable asset to my brand identity.

usr image Jerry Kwak

Collaborating with Logo Design Express was an absolute pleasure. Their team grasped the essence of my brand and produced a logo that truly sets it apart. Their professionalism and meticulous attention to detail were outstanding. I enthusiastically recommend them for top-notch logo design services.

usr image Laurie Jimison

Selecting Logo Design Express was undoubtedly one of the wisest choices for my business. Their unparalleled attention to detail, creativity, and dedication brought my vision to fruition. They stand out as our top recommendation for exceptional logo design services.


Unlock answers to common queriesFrequently Asked Questions

Anybody introducing a new brand identity or planning on offering newly branded services or products should take the necessary steps to protect their trademark.

The answer to this question will differ from agency to agency and based on staffing changes and enhanced technologies at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If you’re asking us specifically, you can count on the entire application process to take from 08 to 12 months.

It can take up to 10 years. Also, the registration can easily be renewed so long as you have made sure to maintain an uninterrupted use of your trademark in interstate commerce.

If you have a federally registered trademark, you will be able to use the ® symbol. For every other mark, whether unregistered or registered, you will not be required to add a designation. However, we always advise mark owners to attach the ‘SM’ or ‘TM’ symbol to tell the industry that your company name, logo, or symbol is proprietary to your services or goods.

We always tell our clients that we aren’t ‘oddsmakers’. In other words, you get exactly what you pay for. Our teams are skilled in improving the likelihood of your success. They perform clearance to search for similar trademarks before sending out an application and picking a highly distinctive mark.

We Help Drive Your Innovations in The Fast Lane. Complete Your Trademark Registration in Just 3 Simple Steps.

Spend a couple of minutes filling out a simple questionnaire. This will initiate your registration process for your trademark.

Get all the details in order! Select your coveted service with Logo Design Express & make the payment for your desired services.

To ensure that your trademark is completely unique, our team conducts a thorough trademark search across numerous databases and then file your trademark with USPTO.

Yes, Logo Design Express offers affordable and competitive trademark registration services. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, especially for individuals and businesses seeking to protect their brand identity. Our pricing structure is designed to provide quality trademark registration services without compromising on affordability.